Emergency Service

We respond to any down machine within 12 to 18 hours. We have full-time people available all day everyday to take your telephone calls, gather your machine information and to determine the nature of the problem. We then contact one of our technicians in the field and dispatch next available technician to your location,  our goal is the same day. Typically the technician will be at your facility, ready to make the necessary repairs within 12 hours. No contract is required. No matter the size, we can respond and get your machine back into production. While on site, if we see anything else that might cause you potential downtime, we can give you an estimate on what it will take to make the repairs and how much it will cost.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce unscheduled down time!

Keep your machine tool investment in top running condition. We can tailor a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program to fit your shop environment. An MTT representative will come out to your facility, evaluate the condition of your machines, and create a PM plan that fits your shop. The plan will contain performing checks, oil/filter replacements, documentation of accuracies performing test cuts, overall condition of machine covers, windows, operation panels and check and record all safety features are in place and working.  We utilizing Reishaw QC-20W Ballbar system for accuracy vitrifaction and certification. Customer receives complete documentation of each test performed. MTT testing platform  of “AS Found”, No Compensation and AS Left” provides a complete picture of the machine tool. All test satisfy ISO and ASME standards. After the PM is complete a overall report will be generated and sent to the customer with all PM documentation. With this report you can schedule the down time needed for any repairs that were reported as items needing repaired or addressed.

Our entire program is based on 60 years of combined experience on the service and manufacturing sides of the industry.

Renishaw Ballbar, Laser  and Probing Systems

Machine Tool Technology is partnered with Renishaw through its distributor network to provide service and support with tool and parts probing systems. With one call the customer can get in touch with MTT and we then dispatch one of our technicians trained on any one of the Renishaw systems. Depending on the urgency of your situation we can be on site within a day. For machine qualifications or maintenance purposes or crash recovery, one of our technicians can come out and perform a Ballbar or laser certification to your machine. If the machine does not meet its qualifications, we can make necessary adjustments there to bring the machine back into specification. This will insure that your parts are on size, reducing cost through the avoidance of scrap and lowering QC times.

Machine Relocation

MTT can properly move one machine or your entire shop across town or across the country. We will come and walk through your shop to create the best move strategy for your shop. This plan will contain machinery lists priorities for taking machines off line, rigging and transporting and then reinstalling at their new location. Once accepted, MTT will handle the complete move with our trained technicians and also utilize our certified rigging and transportation company. Once the machines arrive, we will set them in place, perform all leveling and machine requalifications as needed. Even if you have moved the machines yourself, we can come out and still verify electrical hook up, machine accuracies and overall qualifications.

Retrofits and Rebuilds

Machine Tool Technology can take your existing machine tool and completely rebuild it. Mechanically and electrically, we can install the latest state of the art control. It all starts with a complete machine evaluation and consultation with the customer to see what application will best fit their existing machine. A written quote is then provided which contains all details of the mechanical and electrical areas to be addressed, as well as a specified outline of the control type and servo system. Once decided, the machine is brought to the MTT rebuild facility and all agreed work is completed. After completion the customer comes to the MTT rebuild facility for a complete part runoff before shipment back to the customer location. When the machine arrives back at the customer facility, an MTT technician then installs and requalifies it. Any choice of controls can be accommodated. We also do complete bedway grinding as necessary.”


Machine tool technology has a large volume of machine tool parts available, new, repaired, salvaged and exchange parts, as well as machine tool unit assemblies and castings. If you need a part to repair your machine, call us. An MTT representative will take your machine make, model, serial and part number and check what we have available. If we don’t have it, we can source it through our large network of vendors. All available parts are known good spares, but if you do have a problem just contact us for replacement or exchange. Most of our available items are listed on our website. Please visit the Parts page to see the parts photos and descriptions.

Shop Repairs

In our shop, we can repair a variety of unit assembles. If you have a small item that needs to be repaired, you can call us to make arrangements. We can offer shipping suggestions as well as an estimated turnaround time for repairs. You will ship the item to our shop and it will be evaluated and repaired as applicable by our trained technicians in our facility. The unit will then be packaged and delivered back to you. All repairs are tested and guaranteed. Shop repairs are available for items such as chip conveyors, turret index motors, gearboxes, hydraulic actuators, manual and air chucks, pumps and motors.